An exclusive with… Doug Monro and Andrew Hunter, Founders, Adzuna

Tell us about Adzuna? What does the company do and how did the company develop from an idea to a business? is a search engine for classified ads enabling people to search for the right job locally. Essentially, it searches thousands of sites, aggregating millions of adverts in one place, so you don’t have to trawl the net to find the perfect job. And soon it will be possible to search for properties and cars in the same way too. We hatched the Adzuna plan in 2010 on the back of an envelope in a central London pub. The site went live in July 2011.

How is the business funded?

We’ve raised £300k investment from Passion Capital and prominent angels (with backgrounds at eBay, Skype, BT and Virgin) in addition to funds originally invested by the founders.

How is Adzuna different from Google and other established search engines in the space?

Our aim is to provide the user with exactly what they want. Firstly, completeness and freshness of content – we list every ad, update our index constantly in real-time and expire ads as soon as they become stale. This also enables us to gather data that will enrich the user experience.

Secondly, Adzuna provides a clean, non-spammy user experience – we have more powerful search filters and less overt advertising so the user gets to the information as quickly as possible.

Thirdly, unlike any other search engine operating in this space, we a have a social networking overlay to give job seekers an advantage in the market.

Who is the business aimed at and why should they use Adzuna?

We’re currently targeting all active jobseekers in the UK or those with an interest in comprehensive jobs data. We think folks in the UK should use Adzuna because we have all available job vacancies in the UK listed in one place (over 450,000 jobs) and we allow our users to connect to these vacancies by leveraging their friends on Facebook and LinkedIn.

How do you plan to monetise the business?

The business model will be advertising funded both in paid per click/search based but at this stage we are purely focussed on building an excellent classifieds search experience that people want to use. Money will come later and in ways that don’t damage that experience – although we know from our previous businesses that consumer traffic in this sector is valuable to advertisers.

At the moment there is a specific vertical focus. How possible is it to scale across different verticals? Is there a possibility Adzuna could go international?

Yes, we’re just a job search engine at the moment, but we plan to expand into property and cars in the not too distant future. Our search engine in property and cars will behave in much the same as it does in jobs – all listings, compelling data insights and cool social layers.

We aim to be the biggest and best classified search engine globally and you can expect to see us expanding outside of the UK in 2012.

What are the challenges you expect to face when trying to grow this business?

We aim to be a serious global player in classifieds and we need robust and scalable technology to get us there. If our systems and processes are not designed to work for 10’s of millions of users per month, we’re not going to be able to fulfill our vision. So, we’re working pretty hard on getting this right at the moment.

How big is the team now? What do you think are the main ingredients of building the best team?

We are currently a team of around 10 people comprising of founders, technical development and marketing. Some are in London, and some telecommute from around Europe. They are all incredibly passionate & rock stars at what they do.

Which companies do you most admire at the moment and why?

Andrew – Spotify (although they are losing some popularity at the moment with Facebook login shenanigans!) I admire Daniel Ek because he’s not afraid to disrupt markets and he’s only 26.

Doug – AirBnB (despite their recent trust and safety issues): created a new category in an area that used to be dull, innovating on product and monetisation, using social networks cleverly, trying to genuinely connect people and meet their needs … I also like Etsy and Peopleperhour for some of the same reasons.

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